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About Us

Located in Minneapolis, On Tha Rise is a Clothing Shop that offers customers a place to find unique fashion pieces. Founded by Kenneth Molette in 2020, we sell quality merchandise to customers across the map. Whether you’re looking for hoodies, shirts, jogging pants, or hats, On Tha Rise has something for everyone to buy and love.

But it is more than just a clothing brand. It's about inspiring people to rise from the ashes and be the best person that they can be. Showing that you have integrity, and the strength to overcome any obstacle that you may face in life. Qualities fit for a King or Queen. You are Royalty, hence the logo in the shape of a crown. When you wear this brand, you let it be known... You are On Tha Rise!​

Our Mission

On Tha Rise's mission is to provide its customers with stylish, unique, and comfortable clothing so they may always look and feel their best while giving them instant access into the creative mind of the artist. 

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